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    The Real L Word Season 3 Episode 4

Wednesday, 01. August 2012

The Real L Word Season 3 Episode 4 | Watch The Real L Word Season 3 Episode 4 Online Full Video Streaming
By justfun4u, 08:17

The Real L Word Season 3 Episode 4 | Watch The Real L Word Season 3 Episode 4 Online Full Video Streaming

Ugh! Even this picture makes me angry!It’s Thursday. And you know what that means….yep, i’ll be at home flipping back and forth between The Food Network, 1 Girl 5 Gays re-runs and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ while over at Showtime, a despicable display of lesbian poser-ism will unfold before an audience of, well, lesbians. (I’m really wondering if anyone actually watches this show… Do you?) I wait until the weekend to watch it, because I don’t have Showtime and I don’t care enough about the show, and so I watch it online.

Anyhow, if you want to watch Season 3 of The Real L Word on Showtime, go ahead. You’ll see drama, bad hair, bad tattoos and bad people. I’ll watch it because I feel obligated as a blogger. And also because I love yelling at the TV screen more than watching the show. And to tell you the truth – this season, its really bad. Like one-episode-in really bad. And I’ve read some pretty great blogs about Season 3, episode 1 that re-cap the skankishness to the most clever proportions. So instead of re-capping the whole thing, i’m just going to give you some major bullet points that you need to know

west or a Tale of Two Cities (how Dickensian) type of theme with several familiar faces returning to the Los Angeles cast including lovable lothario Whitney, Romi, Sara, happily married and having a baby couple Kaci and Cory, Whitney’s ex roomie and always the voice of reason Alyssa and Romi’s adorable ex Kelsey, for whom there’s a permanent place in my heart because she kind of looks like a lesbian Emily Blunt. Meanwhile, the Hunter Valentine girls are representing an east coast grit and cool with lead singer and founder Kiyomi, co-founder Laura on drums, bassist Vero (who kind of comes off like the only one who stays out of trouble, like Eric Erlandson in Hole), and Somer, the newest member of the band, who’s hot, married and really a front woman in her own right. It will remain to be seen if she can stand by content to be keyboardist to Kiyomi’s lead vocals. Look for loads of band politics from that storyline.


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